Are Synofia Naturals Products Made in the USA?

Yes, all of our products are in made in the United States of America with all natural and organic ingredients.

What makes Synofia Naturals unique?

All of our products are made from natural and organic ingredients to create strong healthy, frizz free Glorious beautiful hair. We are a family owned company and believe in our product and the importance of healthy moisturized hair.

What is the shelf life of Synofia Naturals products?

Our products have antibacterial and antifungal preservatives. However, as these are all natural and organic products, we recommend use of items within 1 year of date of purchase.

What hair type is this product used for?

Synofia Naturals products are good for all hair types. We encourage you to indulge in our moisturizing products that meet the needs of any hair type.

What are your shipping costs?

It is calculated at each purchase.  Please visit the Product section for more details.

How long will it take the product to arrive?

All items will be processed and shipped within 3-5 business days of cleared payment.
Business days are Monday to Friday.
We ship USPS Priority Mail which usually takes 2-3 days for delivery.

What if I don’t receive my order?

Contact us within 10 business days after date of purchase if you have not received an item. We will not be able to replace an item if contact is not made within the 10 business day time period.

Can I return or refund items?

All of our products are all natural and organic and once processed cannot be returned or refunded. We recommend you try our small 2 oz size product prior to purchasing a larger size. Please see our Shop for more details.

Do you Ship Internationally?

Yes, we can ship internationally.  Please request shipping fees prior to purchase via our Contact Us page or at

Is Synofia Naturals’ Packaging recyclable?

Yes, all of our packaging is recyclable. In the same way we create products safe for the hair we use safety in care for our world

Do you test your products on animals?

No, We do not test on animals. All of Synofia Naturals’ products are cruelty free

Are your products safe to use on children/babies?

Yes, of course! Our products are safe for all members of the family.  Our company started with the goal of creating moisturizing hair products for our daughters now we wish to share this gift with you.

Does your product help split ends and damaged hair?

Most definitely! I do not cut my hair and Synofia Naturals products are wonderful to decrease frizz and split ends.
Try one of our Daily Treats  or moisturizing hair cream to see how beautiful your hair will look and feel.

Can Synofia Naturals be used as a hair protectant?

We recommend the Moisturizing Hair Cream and the Lovely Hair Treat to coat your hair prior to using heat.

Are your products Gluten Free?

Yes. All of our products are Gluten free

I can’t have nuts? Is your product nut free?

We are happy to share that our products are nut free.

How does the product affect chemically treated and artificial hair?

We use all natural and organic ingredients to bring out the very best results in every type of hair. We have products with and without water to meet your hair care needs.
Please see our Products page for more details.

I would like to try your product. Do you have free samples?

No; not at this time. However you can purchase a small (2 oz) size to try our products before buying a larger size. 
Please see the Products page for more details.

Where can I buy Synofia Naturals Products?

Currently in our online store. Please visit our Products page for a list of our hair items.

Where can I find a list of ingredients you use in your products?

All of our natural and organic ingredients are listed on the Products page.

Who can I contact with questions?

You can contact us at  Please see the Contact Us page for more details.