Synofia Naturals is a family owned business that started with the birth of our daughters and trying to figure out how to keep their hair moisturized.

I recall when I was at an event three years ago with my oldest daughter, who was about two years old, I felt horrible when a friend asked “Did you comb her hair?”. I told my friend that I had tried to moisturize her hair with other products and it still looked dry!!

Thus began my journey to learn how to better care for my daughters’ hair and the creation of Synofia Naturals, which is a combination of our daughters’ names and means Wisdom gives Prosperity.

Through learning more about the benefits of natural products on the hair and body and the encouragement of family and friends, we have launched Synofia Naturals!

Synofia Naturals uses all natural and organic ingredients to create products for all hair types. Our products promote moisturized, manageable, frizz free, gorgeous, strong and healthy hair.

We hope you will discover your Glorious, Beautiful hair at Synofia Naturals.